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1 Cool/Decent SMS

Kisi Ko Na Pane Se
Zindage Khatam
Nahi Hoti
LEKIN Kisi Ko Pa Kar
Kho Dene Se Kuch Baqi
Nahi Rehta.

Cool/Decent SMS

Cool/Decent SMS


2 Cool/Decent SMS

Some friends forget
Some move away
Some keep silent
Some just change
But I’m not 1 of them.
I’m here just 4 two moments
.. now & 4ever…!!:)


3 Cool/Decent SMS

There are two ways to live your life:
-One is as though nothing is a miracle.
-The other is as though everything is a miracle.


4 Cool/Decent SMS

Usama asked Kajol,”how’s ur life?”
She replied,”kabhi khushi kabhi ghum.”

Then Kajol asked Usama,”what abt U?”
He replied,”kabhi BUSH kabhi BOMB.


5 Cool/Decent SMS

kitni majburiyan Ham palkon pe saja letay hain
Ham kahan rotay hain Halaat rola detay hain
yaad rehtay hain buray waqat k sath kis ko
subho hote hi log shama b bujha detay hain


6 Cool/Decent SMS

U seem to be much careless nowdays…
alwayz leaving your things here and
c what hav u done now u just came in
my mind and left a smile on my face..


7 Cool/Decent SMS

Hum kitne bewafa hain k ek dum un k
dil se nikal gaye
MerE DosT
Un me kitni wafa thi k aj tk hmare dil
se Nahi Gaye.


8 Cool/Decent SMS

Never cry 4 anyone in life, coz for the whom u cry,doesnt deserve your tears, & d one who deserves it, never let u cry.


9 Cool/Decent SMS

A thoughtful thoughts:
When someone tries to impress you.
It means he is already impressed by you…
Think on it…


10 Cool/Decent SMS

The most painful goodbye’s are those which were never said and never explained.

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