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1 Cool/Decent SMS

Simple Bye makes us cry,
Simple joke makes us Laugh,
Simple care makes us fall in Luv,
Simple Touch makes us feel better,
But I hope my simple MSG makes U smile!

Cool/Decent SMS

Cool/Decent SMS


2 Cool/Decent SMS

Whatever you give to life it gives you back
Do not hate anybody that hatred
Which comes out from you will someday comeback to you
Love others & love will comeback to you.


3 Cool/Decent SMS

Being near is not the meaning of being dear
I may be far from u but msgs are bridges
to make u feel that i always remember you!


4 Cool/Decent SMS

A sardar prayers daily for 2 hours
hey vaheguru meri lottery lagade
after 11 years vaheguru angrily appears and says:
oye ullu de pathay ek bar ticket to lee le


5 Cool/Decent SMS

Unko Apne Haal ka Hisaab Kya Dete?
Sawal Saare Galat The, Hum Jawab Kya Dete?
Wo Toh Lafzo Ki Hifazat Bhi Naa Kr Sake…
Phr Unke Hath Mein Zndgi Ki Puri Kitaab Kya Dete?


6 Cool/Decent SMS

I Finally Got My Past, I Finally Got My Past, Present And Future Tenses Correct Today. I Loved You.. I Love You.. I Will Love You Forever! 🙂


7 Cool/Decent SMS

Dil K Sagar Me Lehar
Uthaya N Kro
Kwab Ban Kr Neendo Ko
Churaya N Kro,
Bohat Zakham Khaye Hi
Humne Dost, Tum Kwabo Me Aa Kr Jgaya N Kro.


8 Cool/Decent SMS

If i send u a text i can play with ur thougts non-stop.if i call u i can play with ur mind non-stop.if i were 2 meet u i would play with ur body non-stop.


9 Cool/Decent SMS

Always have a unique character like salt,
It’s presence is not felt
But it’s absence makes all things “tasteless”


10 Cool/Decent SMS

Relation of friendship is greater then the relation of blood.

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