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1 Cool/Decent SMS

Never give up On something you really want.
It’s difficult 2 wait
more difficult to regret…!

Cool/Decent SMS

Cool/Decent SMS


2 Cool/Decent SMS

Trust the once who could see these 3 things in you.
Sorrow behind your smile.
Love behind your anger.
Meaning behind your silence.


3 Cool/Decent SMS

Gal: Is dress ka kya price hai?
Shopkeeper: Sirf 5 kiss.
Girl: Aur us dress ka?
Shopkeeper: 10 kiss.
Girl: Dono dress pack kar do, bill dadi dengay


4 Cool/Decent SMS

Zindagi tuj bin olfat c lagti hai
aik pal ki doori muddat c lagti hai
pehle nahi magar ab sochte hain
har lamha tairy zarorat c lagti hai


5 Cool/Decent SMS

Zindagi Tasveer bhi hai aur
taqdeer bhi…!
Farq to rango ka hai..!
Manchahe rango se bane to Tasvir,
Anjaane rango se bane to Taqdir.


6 Cool/Decent SMS

Always draw a circle around the ones you love, never draw a heart because hearts can be broken, but circles are never ending.


7 Cool/Decent SMS

Never look 4 beauty,it will fade away 1 day.
Never look4 good skin,it will grow old 1 day.
But look 4 a loyal heart which will miss u everyday!!.


8 Cool/Decent SMS

You’re already a successful personal. The things we take for granted someone else is praying for.


9 Cool/Decent SMS

Life is nothing
When we get everyting.
Life is everything
When we miss something.
Value of everything will be
Realized in its absence.


10 Cool/Decent SMS

A loose hug saya ‘ it’s ok ‘
A normal hug says ‘ thanks ‘
A tight hug says ‘ i need u ‘
More than tight hug says
‘ I cant live without u ‘

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