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1 Cool/Decent SMS

Negative Thinking Is As Importnt
As Creative Thinking
If Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane
Den Negative Thinking Invents Parachute.

Cool/Decent SMS

Cool/Decent SMS


2 Cool/Decent SMS

A cute boy asks a fallen rose:
Don’t u get hurt wen u r plucked?

Rose replied: No I forget my pain thinking that
i am now in the hand of Cutest person


3 Cool/Decent SMS

Life is going faster than you think, if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it!


4 Cool/Decent SMS

Kaun hai apna aur kaun paraya in sab mein kyon uljhe,
Khud hi khud ki phikr kar pehle khud ko toh apna samjhe.
Khud se khud ki zindagi na sudhri toh dusron ko de laat
Aaja aaj hi thaan le yeh ki karna hai kismat se do do haath.
Dukh ki raat no hogi kahin, aisi sabera na zindagi mein hogi
Khud hi khud mein viswas bhar de phir kabhi na haar hogi.


5 Cool/Decent SMS

Ek jaam ulfat ke naam,
ek jaam mohabat ke naam.
Ek jaam wafa k naam,
puri botal bewafa ke naam,
Aur pura theka doston ke naam


6 Cool/Decent SMS

When god takes away something from your hands.
Don’t think he is punishing you.
He is just leaving you empty handed to receive something better


7 Cool/Decent SMS

Swee, smart, nice, beautiful, and amazing person, well. enough talking about me, how are you ? :p


8 Cool/Decent SMS

Chand lamho ki zindagi hai
Nafarto se jiya nahi karte
Lagta hai dushmano se gujaarish karni padegi
Dost to ab yaad kiya nahi karate


9 Cool/Decent SMS

Life is like a railway station.
Love is the train, it may come & go any time.
Friendship is the railway inquiry counter which always says May I help u!!


10 Cool/Decent SMS

Thought for the day”
Always be the reason of someone’s happiness never just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s sadness never the reason for it.

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