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1 Cool/Decent SMS

A simple hug from the one you love
is the biggest satisfaction in the world
Coz you know you are in the right place
even when everything else is wrong

Cool/Decent SMS

Cool/Decent SMS


2 Cool/Decent SMS

Asalam o alikum.
Naraz ho kia? Lekin mujhse kion?Mana k bohat taklif mei ho,
zahir hai k 30 lakh haji thay sb ne 7,7 pathar mare.
Bohat lagi hai kya?


3 Cool/Decent SMS

Above everything else, guard your heart as much as you can, for everything else flows from it.


4 Cool/Decent SMS

Vacancy in my heart for a true friend
Eligibility: Loving & Caring,
Duty: To luv,
Experience: Not required,
Salary: Never ending luv,
Joining: ASAP,
Are you interested?


5 Cool/Decent SMS

I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So, would you smile for me?


6 Cool/Decent SMS

Why do we close our eyes
When we pray
When we cry
When we dream
When we kiss
Because the most beautiful thing in life are not seen.
But felt by the heart
Definitely u,my friend


7 Cool/Decent SMS

This world provides u with stones every day, what u build out of it , is your choice. a bridge or a wall


8 Cool/Decent SMS

Koi ankhon akhon se baat kar leta hai
koi ankhon ankhon main mulakat kar leta hai
Bara mushkil hota hai jawab dena
jab koi khamosh reh kar sawal kar leta hai


9 Cool/Decent SMS

I know some people hates me,
bcoz i am not so good,
some people loves me bcoz,
they know that i m not too Bad.


10 Cool/Decent SMS

“Things are as they are.
It is you who label them
as beautiful or ugly. ” 🙂

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