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1 Kiss SMS

A kiss, when all is said, what is it?
A rosy dot placed on the “I” in loving;
‘Tis a secret told 2 D mouth instead of 2 Dear.

Kiss SMS

Kiss SMS


2 Kiss SMS

Meri Dosti Ka Afsaana Bhi
Hai, Is Mein Pyar Ka
Khazaana Bhi Hai, Is Liye
Chaahte Hai Aapse Ek Kiss
Maangna, Aur Aaj To Maangne
Ka Bahaana Bhi Hai.


3 Kiss SMS

Kiss is the first step to show
how much i love you,
how much i think about you,
how much i miss u
show that i trust u…


4 Kiss SMS

Do u know that why does most
men like to kiss on women lips?
b’coz it is d best nd most
beautiful way to shut the
women’s mouth atleast for
some seconds.


5 Kiss SMS

Aap Gairon Ki Baat Karte Hai
Humne Apno Ko Aajmaya Hai
Log Katoan Se Bachkar Chalte Hain
Humne Fooloan Se Jakhm Khaya Hai.


6 Kiss SMS

A peach is a peach.
a plum is a plum.
a kiss is not a kiss unless its with tongues.
so open ur mouth & close ur eyes
& give ur tongue some exercise.


7 Kiss SMS

Never KISS a lady police,
She will say, hands up.
Never KISS a lady doctor,
She will say, Next please
Always KISS a lady teacher,
She will say, repeat it 5 time.


8 Kiss SMS

The way you kiss, it unlocks not only my lips… it unlocks my heart and soul to you. Waiting for this divine moment to occur again and again in my life!


9 Kiss SMS

Nothing would be so sweet,
as whipped cream on your lips;
makes for a very nice treat,
and a very tasty kiss!


10 Kiss SMS

Let me feast of your love and of your lips for I am in love with you.. Let me always kiss your mouth eyes all of you.

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