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1 Kiss SMS

I don’t merely want to kiss you. I want to whisper sweet nothings in your mouth so that they get housed in your heart forever!

Kiss SMS

Kiss SMS


2 Kiss SMS

Cut a fish in a dish,
if you love me
give me a KISS
if you not
you are selfish.


3 Kiss SMS

Can we do romance in the Mid Night today…
I’m in a good mood…
Just a little bit of kiss n biting…
Reply me soon…
Ur loving mosquito.


4 Kiss SMS

My heart iz made 2 luve you
My lips are made 2 kiss you
My eyes r made 2 see u
My hands r made 2 hold u
Every part ov me wants u, maybe
Bcoz I am made just 4 u!


5 Kiss SMS

A kiss iz something
u cannot give without taking
and cannot take without giving.


6 Kiss SMS

Never KISS a lady police,
She will say, hands up.
Never KISS a lady doctor,
She will say, Next please
Always KISS a lady teacher,
She will say, repeat it 5 time.


7 Kiss SMS

I’m Crazy For You. Touch Me Once And You’ll Know It’s True, I Never Wanted Anyone Like This, It’s All Brand New, You’ll Feel It In My Kiss, I’m Crazy For You.


8 Kiss SMS

Kiss On The Forehead ->”Forever you Will Be Mine”
Kiss On The Ear ->”I’m romantic”
Kiss On The Cheek ->”We’re Friends”
Kiss On The Hand ->”I Adore You”
Kiss On The Neck ->”We Belong Together”
Kiss On The Shoulder ->”I Want You”
Kiss On The Lips ->”I Love You” OR”I Want You.


9 Kiss SMS

Na Aap Kuch Kehna Na Hum
Kuch Kahenge, Aap Bhi Chup
Rehna Hum Bhi Chup Rahenge,
Ek Duje Ko Hum Apni Baahon
Me Bharenge, Fir Ek Lambi
Waali Maast Si Kiss Karenge!


10 Kiss SMS

Kissing of American Girl, so sweet
Kissing of Australian gal, oh so hot
Kissing of French gal, once more
Kissing of Indian gal, kro lakin kisi ko bolna nai.

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