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1 Kiss SMS

If A Kiss Could
Say Just How
I Love You . . .
Would Be On YOURS Forever.

Kiss SMS

Kiss SMS


2 Kiss SMS

Kiss Is Not Like Nokia Just
Connecting People, Not
Like Nike Just Do It, Not
Like Pepsi Yeh Dil Mange
More, But Kiss Is Like Lays
No One Can Eat Just One.


3 Kiss SMS

Never KISS a lady police,
She will say, hands up.

Never KISS a lady doctor,
She will say, Next please

Always KISS a lady teacher,
She will say, repeat it 5 time


4 Kiss SMS

I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses
wrapped in the warmth of love to say
“good night” and may you have a nive dream.
Good Night!


5 Kiss SMS

Be the kind of guy that doesn’t ignore her
When you’re with your friends.
Hold her tighter and kiss her a little bit harder,
just to make them jealous.


6 Kiss SMS

Kiss is not like Nokia…Connecting People
Kiss is not like Nike..Just Do It.

Kiss is like Pepsi..Yeh Dil Maange More
Kiss is like Pan Parag..Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga


7 Kiss SMS

HAPPY kissing DAY
Aaj kising Day hain
Jo bi is time aap ky sat betha hua hy uski zor ki kis lu
ap b kiss karna LAZIM hain
US KI KHATIR jse aap bhat pyar krte ho. EnjoY.


8 Kiss SMS

If i reached for ur hand, will u hold it?
If i hold out my arms, will u hug me?
If i go4ur lips, will u kiss me?
If i capture ur heart, will u love me?


9 Kiss SMS

no stars 2 wish,
no moon 2 lite
and no flowers to smell,
just a loneliness
1 waiting 4 ur hot kisses is saying good nite?


10 Kiss SMS

One boy went to meet his girlfriend
when he came back at home
mom asked
kahaan gaey they ?
boy:us se milney
mom: kis liye?
boy: haan bohat kiss liye:D

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