Kiss SMS – Kiss SMS in Hindi and English, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 Kiss SMS Chemistry Teacher:- What hapens when potasium iodide reacts vd di-sulfer in presence of moonlight? Student:- KISS Teacher:- How? Student:- KI+2S=KISS *************************************************** 2 Kiss SMS Dear customer! your kiss balance is getting low!! Please get somebody and recharge ur balance now! You

Kiss SMS – Kiss SMS Kiss Shayari, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 Kiss SMS Your Kiss Came As A Surprise,Something Remarkable, Something Sensational. You Unlocked My Sealed Lips And I Would Allow You To Do It Again. *************************************************** 2 Kiss SMS Na-Jayez Hai Wo Cheez Jo Nashey Mein Mubtala kary, Ye Sun’ty Hi Hosh Urr