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Boy Jokes – Boys Vs Girls Sms, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 Boy and Girl Jokes An old lady died and the family gathered for the reading of her will. “Being of sound mind,” the attorney read, “I spent all my money before I died.” ************************************************************ 2 Boy and Girl Jokes Yo mama’s so fat

Funny Jokes – British and India Jokes, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 British and India Argument b/t British n INDIA. British: we spoiled ur mother Lnd for 200yrs India:we spoil ur mother tongue daily ************************************************************ 2 What IS OxFord Munna: “What is Ford? Circuit: Gaadi re, aur kya? Munna: What is Oxford? Circuit: BOLE TO

Funny Jokes – Jeans Ki Price Jokes, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 Jeans Ki Price Girl- Is jeans ki price kitni hai? Dukandar- Rs.3000 Only. Girl: uff….! Aur us Jeans ka kya price hai? Dukandar: uff uff..;->:-D ************************************************************ 2 Doctor and Larry Doctor: Did you know that there are more than 1,000 bones in the