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Teacher Jokes – Teacher and Santa Jokes, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 Teacher and Santa Teacher: Agar Electric Invent Nahi Hota To Kya Hota? Santa: Hume Candle Jala Kar T.V. Dekhna Padta! ******************************wwww.informationnine.com****************************** 2 Teacher and Student Teacher: “Johnny, can you tell me the name of 3 great kings who have brought happiness and peace

Teacher Jokes – Teacher and Pappu Jokes, SMS, Quotes, Pics and more

1 You cannot Bacteria without Microscope Teacher: Draw A Diagram Of Bacteria. Pappu: Here It Is Sir. Teacher: Where? You Haven’t Drawn Anything. Pappu: Sir, Can You See Bacteria Without Microscope … ******************************wwww.informationnine.com****************************** 2 Teacher and Student Question:What is the full-form of Maths! Answer:Mentally